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Tutorial fees About$900/hr
Tutor sex Female Tutor
Highest education College Student (degree)
Major subjects Geography, Biology, English Literature and Language
Teach Subject IB、Biology、English、Science、Geography、Integrated Science、social studies、English Oral、GCE、English Phonics、IELTS、TOEFL、Cambridge English、IGCSE
Tutor age 26-30
Tutoring experience 3 years
Teacher area Mid-levels、Kowloon Tong、Sai Kung、Tai Wai、Sha Tin Town Centre、Siu Lik Yuen、Fo Tan、Ma On Shan、Tai Po、Diamond Hill
Introduction of tutor
I'm currently doing my second degree at the University of Cambridge after my first at the University of Oxf0rd (spelling the 'o' with a '0' because the system censors 'o r' & replaces it with 'INVALID' in the passage). My training is mainly in the sciences (Earth Sciences, Biology &, less proficiently, Physics), but I can also teach English Literature & Language to a high level with 2 years of experience under my belt. I'm a UK expat & speak native British English. I've been tut0ring English speaking, degree level scholarship & study skills, & the practical use of English since 2017, & I've received good feedback on my 'w0rd map' method of enriching students' vocab bank & their cultural knowledge of the Western w0rld. I also w0rked as a ment0r in an Oxbridge entry preparation scheme in autumn 2019. I'm particularly good at bringing together my scientific knowledge & my writing/edit0rial/journalism skills, as I do in my job as the chief edit0r of Cambridge University's geographical journal magazine, Compass. My academic achievements are as below: Degree Level: University of Cambridge: Geography: 1st Class (Year 1); Pending (Year 2) University of Oxf0rd: Experimental Psychology: 2:1 (overall) GCE A Level: Biology: A star (top grade) English Literature & Language: A star (top grade) Geography: A star (top grade) Extended Project Qualification (Research topic: The Neuroscience of Literature INVALID Empathy): A star (top grade) GCSE: Physics: A star (top grade) Biology: A star (top grade) Chemistry: A star (top grade) Additional Mathematics: A (top grade) Mathematics: A star (top grade) English Literature: A star (top grade) English Language: A star (top grade) French: A star (top grade) Spanish: A star (top grade) Geography: A star (top grade) Fine Art: A star (top grade)

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