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Tutorial fees About$180/hr
Tutor sex Male Tutor
Highest education University Graduated
Teach Subject English
Tutor age 20-25
Teacher area Central and Sheung Wan、Wan Chai、Causeway Bay、Mong Kok
Introduction of tutor
In HK, I studied in an international school for 10 years then went to Canada and United Kingdom to complete my High School Diploma and Bachelor Degree. At a young age, I’ve tutor primary students with their English, and while studying aboard, I went to Czech Republic to teach a class of around 20 for a month as summer internship. Furthermore, I’ve went to multiple service trips in Africa where I also teach the local child the English language. Even though I’m a person who studied music as his major in UK and graduated. However, in the past, I was able to combine my learning into my teaching, trying to keep my lesson entertaining and fun to interact with. 我在一所香港國際學校學習了10年,然後去加拿大和英國完成了我的高中文憑和學士學位。我從小就在一間社區中心給小學生輔導英語,而且在留學期間作為暑期實習,我去捷克教了一個20人左右的班級,為期一個月。此外,我還多次在非洲進行服務旅行,在那裡我還教當地的孩子英語。儘管我是一個在英國主修音樂並畢業的人。然而,在過去,我能夠將我的學習融入我的教學中,試圖讓我的課程保持有趣和有趣的互動。

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