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Tutorial fees About$125/hr
Tutor sex Female Tutor
Highest education Undergraduate Student (non-degree)
Major subjects Account
Teach Subject All Subjects、preschool chinese、Maths、preschool maths
Tutor age 16-19
Tutoring experience 1 year
Teacher area Tuen Mun
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I am energetic, ambitious person who has a mature INVALID responsible attitude toward any task that i undertake, INVALID situation that i am presented with. As an graduate in2021. l am also excellent in wINVALIDking with others to achieve a certain object on time INVALID with excellence. At last, lam a person with passionate INVALID optimistic, I wont give up at anytime INVALID i will solve it with my positiveness. 具備中文教學經驗,曾於補習社工作,有一年小學中學補習社教學經驗,有教授小學生豐富的經驗。對小朋友有耐性,傾向趣味教學。可以用流利中文或普話話與小朋友溝通。於屯門區內居住,補習時間可更彈性。

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