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Tutorial fees About$140/hr
Tutor sex Female Tutor
Highest education Secondary 5 Graduated
Teach Subject Maths
Tutor age 16-19
Teacher area North Point
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Motivated and passionate year 11 student from South Island School seeking a job of math tutoring. Completed IGCSEs with an average mock score of 8/9 or A/A*. Having a predicted math score of 9/9, I believe I am capable of managing the job of math tutoring. I'm very excited to encounter new people and provide assistance. 本人是就讀於南島中學的一名11年級學生。我目前完成了IGCSE的課程和考試,並在學校多次的模擬評核與考試中獲得了平均 8/9 或 A/A* 的成績。我更在數學的模擬評核與考試中獲得了 9/9 的成績。我相信我紮實的數學知識能夠幫助我勝任這項工作。我十分期待與不同的人聯繫並給予幫助。

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