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Parent FAQ, 30 seconds quick answer

How to download HKTA App?
You can download from Apple store or Google Play. Also , you can download through the download address:
How do parents confirm in the App after class?
After the tutor signs in,there will be a red dot in the "message" in the app. Please click and confirm.
How to top-up in the APP?
Select "Me"-"Wallet" to top-up in APP. Click "Top up" and there are credit card, Paypal, Alipay, Payme* top-up methods to choose from. (Payme needs to be installed on IOS )
Is there a top-up promotion?
Yes, if you top up HKD$1000 you can get HKD$20 free, if you top up HKD$3000 you can get HKD$150 free, if you top up HKD$10000 you can get HKD$500 free at most. The gift amount can only be used for video and top-up mode.
Can I refund my top-up tuition fee?
The top-up tuition fee can be refunded after deducting the lessons that have been taken, but the gift tuition fee is not refundable. (For example, if you top up HKD$1000,you get HKD$20 free, HKD$1000 can be refunded, but the gift tuition fee HKD$20 is not refundable.)
If I don't confirm in the App, can tutor receive tuition fee?
If the client forgets to confirm, the system will automatically confirm and transfer the tuition fee to tutor after 3 days.
What should I do if the tutor signs in at the wrong time and the system transfers the tuition fee to the tutor directly when I do not confirm ?
After the tutor signs in, there will be an SMS and App message prompting the parents to confirm the duration of class. If there is no confirmation, it will be automatically confirmed and transferred to the tutor after 3 days. If you have any questions, please call HKTA within 3 days.
When will the gift amount be used?
After running out of the top-up amount, the gift amount will be used to deduct the next tuition fee.
When will the withdrawal arrive?
After filling the present information in App, ensuring that the information is correct, the accountant will transfer to the designated account within 7-14 working days. If you have not received the withdraw after 14 working days, please contact HKTA.
Can the gift amount be withdrawn?
No, the gift amount can only be used for video and top-up mode.
Can the registration number and top-up number be different in APP top-up? Can I top up with another number?
In order to ensure the security of users' funds, our system uses the registration number as the only binding. Other number can’t be used to top up .
Will the APP be troublesome to use? What are the advantages?
When you complete the tutor matching, you can immediately see the tutor's information in App. You can also check and confirm the time of class and check the record of the class, even can review your bill at any time in App. In addition, you can top up online, which is convenient and fast, and you can also enjoy promotion when you top up a specified amount in App.
What is HKTA ?
The Hong Kong Tutors Association(WWW.HKTA.EDU. HK)is a local private tutoring agency established in 1986 with the purpose of providing quality home tutoring services. It's also the only private tutoring agency website in Hong Kong that has obtained a domain name
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