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HKTA - attained many honours, awards and social service awards

HKTA has been providing quality tuition agent matching services for all Hong Kong residents

We strive to keep ahead in the area of private tuition agent platform and keep raising our service quality and enhancing teaching knowledge on different levels. We advocate the notion of "learning is not for attaining scores" and "private tuition is more

HKTA's volunteer team has participated in many social welfare services

We have been cooperated closely with different sectors in the society and our social benefit services are well recognized. We have been awarded by the following organizations:

- Hong Kong Children and Youth Services

- The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

- Po Leung Kuk

- Hong Kong Trade Development Council

- Hong Kong Productivity Council

- The British and Ethnic Chinese Police Association

ROADSHOW Best Loved Tuition Agent Brand Award

As the largest-scaled tuition agent organization in Hong Kong, HKTA (Hong Kong Tutor Association) has been awarded ROADSHOW Best Loved Tuition Agent Brand Award, which represents Hong Kong citizen's trust and encouragement to our education services and ma The annual RoadShow Best Loved Brands Award aims at recognising organiations with high quality brand image and excellent marketing strategies. The Award contains awards in different groups, including Best Loved Service Brand Award which is given according

Both our founder and veteran journalist Ms. Akina Fong Kin Yee are awarded

Our founder taking photo with veteran artist Mr. Chung King-Fai

the awarded organizations

Our founder taking photo with artist Mr. Alfred Hui Ting Hang

The Outstanding Tuition Agent Brand Award of Economic Digest

HKTA was recognized in 2015 as The Outstanding Tuition Agent Organization among the HK top 10 tuition agent organizations by Economic Digest

successful brand establishment, HKTA private tuition agent organisation


Since 2009, HKTA is the only tuition agent organization that receives ISO9001:2008 in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Star Brand Award 2012-2016

Hong Kong Tutor AssociationWe are glad to announce that we are given again the Hong Kong Star Brand Award - Small to Medium Enterprise Award by the Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association. This further proves our efforts and contribution put in our brand development
Mr. Ho Sai Kit, the founder of HKTAHe said, "We have been striving for quality service by carefully choosing tutors. We are glad that we have been awarded "Hong Kong Star Brand - Small to Medium Enterprises Award" for five consecutive years, which showcasing society's recognition to us. We
Hong Kong Star Brand 2015 is hosted by Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association and co-organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Hong Kong Productivity Council. They award "Star Brands" which have outstanding acheivement in business dawarded by Mr. Gregory So Kam-leung, former Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of Hong KongAM730Wen Wai Poreported by media

Certification of Person-to-Person Telemarketing Code

We have been awarded certificate of Person-to-Person Telemarketing Code of Service since 2012. This certificate, being audited by HKQAA, is highly recognised among Hong Kong's communications industry, and is awarded to many big banks and telecommunication

We have been awarded certificate of Person-to-Person Telemarketing Code of Service by HK Call Centre Association

Hong Kong Economic Times reported

Exclusive interview with Digital Broadcast Interview

Sexual Conviction Record Check, How does private tuition organization regulates, an interview with founder Mr. Eric Ho Sai Kit