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Hong Kong Tutor Association's new video tutoring mode creates a safe and efficient learning platform for you
Why chooseHKTA ?
Tutor selection with zero boundaries
Break through the regional restrictions on the choice of tutors, expand the scope of students' choice of tutors, and quickly connect to the most suitable tutors in Hong Kong through the Internet.
Reduce time cost
Greatly reduce the cost of time spent on transportation.
Not limited by space
The learning location is more flexible and convenient, which provides convenience for students' learning. Tutors can also achieve larger-scale teaching through the Internet.
Excellent teachers
It has more than 130,000 high-quality tutors.
Stimulate autonomy in learning
Due to the long distance between tutors and students, the teaching model will be transformed into a student-oriented and learning-centered model.
An Introduction.

Video online tutoring can meet the integration of real-time audio and video (including 1-to-1 and many-to-many video interaction), interactive whiteboard graffiti, IM chat room, PPT courseware sharing, document media sharing, recording and playback, etc., to ensure the teaching effect of tutors and student learning outcomes. In the classroom, the screens of the tutor and the students will also appear in the same frame. The tutor can see the performance of the students in the classroom, and timely supervise and remind, so that the distance is no longer a restriction, and the tutor seems to be by the student's side.

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How to use our platform
Seeking quickness is not the goal of the Association. Marking is our professional. The purpose of the Association is to pay attention to the quality of Tutor and students. Get the results you want.
Equipment test
Before starting class, please pay attention to whetherComputers equipped with video cameras, headphones and microphones. If you are not sure whether the equipment meets the requirements of visual tutoring, you canClick hereCarry out testing.
Start video classroom
After logging into the account, enter the My Tutoring interface, select the corresponding tutoring case and click Show Class, and then click Video Tutoring
Use classroom features
Add the Enter Video Tutoring button on the Video Tutoring interface. After clicking, the tutor/parent can directly jump to the Case Overview to search for the corresponding video tutoring case.
What is Video Tutoring?
To put it simply, under traditional tutoring, students and tutors need to agree on a class location for face-to-face teaching. And video tutoring is to move the class location to the Internet. Students and instructors only need to have their own computers and connect to the Internet, and they can teach no matter where they are. The general forms are live broadcast and video lectures. Video tutoring brings great convenience to both parties and can also guarantee the teaching effect.
How to choose a video tutoring service?
When registering a case, you only need to select Video Tutoring in the Method of Attendance column in our online form, or call 21176789/WhatsApp 63176777 to match you with an online tutoring tutor.
How to use the video tutoring service?
For details, please refer to Video tutoring-Tutor And Video tutoring-Parents
What preparations do I need to make in advance for video tutoring?
  • Computer (with video camera)
  • Headphones and Microphones
  • Quiet environment suitable for teaching
  • Stable network environment
  • 【Instructor】Courseware used in teaching (such as PPT, teaching pictures, teaching videos, etc...)
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Break through the regional restrictions on the choice of tutors, expand the scope of students' choice of tutors, and quickly connect to the most suitable tutors in Hong Kong through the Internet.
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