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HKTA: An Introduction

Hong Kong Tutor Association WWW.HKTA.EDU.HK is a private tuition agent organisation with the aspiration to provide quality home tuition, and is also the only private tuition agent organisation website to receive We are awarded ISO9001 Quality Management CertificationHong Kong Star Brand AwardThe Outstanding Brand Award of Econmic DigestROADSHOW Best Loved Tuition Agent Brand Award100%HK Branding Award many authoritative awards in the industry, and has been awarded Hong Kong Star Brand by Hong Kong Trade Development Council consecutively for five years between 2012-2017 and recognized as excellent customer service enterprise by Hong Kong Productivity Co

Our advantages

- "ISO9001 Quality Management Certification" safeguarding peronsl privacy, quality is ensured

- the only home tuition agent website to have in Hong Kong, has a tutor rating management system

- Our website has high page views, tuition cases exceed hundreds everyday. Exclusive interview with different newspaprt "media reports"

- successful case matching exceed thousands every month. Have many member discounts.

- have clear tuition pricing and membership system

- Has high transparency, clear membership system and tuition pricing

- has message area for interaction between tutors and cases, our number of members is 50,000+ and our tutor network is huge

- email suitable case, case matching done by specialist. 20 years of tuition agent experience is the source of trust

- professional education consultants follow up tutors information, messages and questions. Numerous consultants follow up tuition cases

- keep improving our computer system which handles tuition cases, every case must be recorded and saved and is given specific number for follow-up

- Each case must be saved in the system and given specific number for follow-up, designated staff handle charges and fees to ensure fairness

Our mission

Since our establishment, HKTA has been striving to firmly bridge the gap between Hong Kong students, parents, tutors and the Hong Kong society. With a professional, reliable, active and innovative attitude, we provide quality matching services for parents

Our services

Hong Kong Tutor Association was established in 1986. Its establishment aims at providing professional home tuition, music and swimming agent services for students and parents. Thanks for the support from our members, we currently have the largest evaluate

service area

Home Tuition: students or tutors residence in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories

Music tuition: students or tutors residence in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories

Swimming tuition: indoor or outdoor standard swimming pools in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories

students range for tuition

Home Tuition: General or specific subject tuition for P.1 to F.6 students

Language speaking: various English languages, Japanese language, Putonghua etc. for 3 years old to adults

Music Tuition: beginner to Grade 8 students

Swimming tuition: beginner to expert

education level of tutor members

Home Tuition: From Form Six to Bachelor Degree or above

Music Tuition: attained ABRSM Grade 8 or above

swimming tuition: have Life Saving Bronze Medallion from The Hong Kong Life Saving Society

P.S. All of the above tutors have more than 2 years of tutoring experience