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Hong Kong Tutor Association (WWW.HKTA.EDU.HK) is a private tutoring agency with the purpose of providing high-quality 1 to 1 education. It is also the only private tutoring agency website in Hong Kong that has obtained .edu.hk Hong Kong Star Brand Award, Economic Weekly Most Powerful Brand Award, ROADSHOW All the Way Favorite Tuition Intermediary Brand Award, Greater China 100% Hong Kong Famous Brand Award and many other authoritative awards in the industry, and more in 2012 - In 2017, it was awarded the Hong Kong Star Brand issued by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the Excellent Customer Service Enterprise recognized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council for five consecutive years. It is professional and its reputation has been highly recognized in the industry and society. So far, the company has successfully established a huge network of nearly 130,000 high-quality tutors and a mature and experienced full-time education consultant team, committed to providing comprehensive and diversified private tutoring intermediary services for students, parents and tutors. HKTA has always been adhering to the concept of people-oriented, continuous innovation, and pursuit of excellence. The association promises to continue to obtain professional educational opinions from parents and tutors with an open and innovative attitude, so as to enable students to gain the highest results.
HKTA Advantage
Quality assurance

The only .edu.hk 1 to 1 tutoring agency website in Hong Kong has a tutor scoring management system

This website has a high traffic volume, and there are more than 100 tutoring cases every day. Major newspapers interview Media Reports

Strong member network

Thousands of successfully matched cases each month with a variety of member discounts

With a clear membership system, tutor fees are clear

High transparency With a clear membership system, tutor fees are clear and highly transparent

There is a message area for tutoring member tutoring cases, which is convenient for interaction

Professional computer system and consultant team

E-mail is suitable for the case, and the person will match the suitable case with 20 years of education intermediary experience, confidence guarantee

Professional education consultants follow up tutor information, leave messages and ask questions. Set up multiple professional education consultants to follow up tutoring cases

Continuously improve the computer system for handling tutoring cases Each tutoring case must be archived and given a specific number for follow-up

Each tutoring case must be archived and given a specific number, and a special person will be charged, which is fair and just for follow-up


Since its establishment, HKTA has been committed to building a solid bridge connecting students, parents, tutors and the society in Hong Kong, providing the most suitable matching services for parents and tutors with a professional, reliable, positive and innovative attitude. We hope to build a high-quality education service platform that perfectly fits teaching students according to their aptitude, learning according to their aptitude, and choosing learning according to their aptitude through the rational use of a large and high-quality tutor network and a mature and experienced education service team, so as to ensure that every All students have made significant progress in terms of morality, intelligence, body, group, and beauty. HKTA will shoulder the mission of educating the new generation in society and make its own contribution to promoting social development.


The Hong Kong Tutors Association was established in 1986 with the purpose of providing professional home tutoring introduction, music and swimming intermediary services for parents or students in various districts. Thanks to all members for their support. Currently, the association has the largest pool of approved tutors in Hong Kong. With the advancement of technology, the Association set up a website in September 2000 to facilitate the registration of various services by parents/students and tutors through the Internet.

Service area

1 to 1 tutoring: the residences of students or tutors in Kowloon and the New Territories of Hong Kong

Teaching Music: Residences of students or tutors throughout Kowloon and the New Territories, Hong Kong

Swimming professor: major indoor or outdoor standard swimming pools in Kowloon and the New Territories of Hong Kong

Range of tutoring students

1 to 1 tutoring: general and specialized tutoring for students from elementary school to pre-university

Language conversation: various foreign languages such as English, Japanese, Mandarin, 3 years old to adult

Music professor: students from elementary school to eighth grade

Swimming Professor: Beginner to Advanced

Tutor Member Education Level

Home tutoring: pre-university to bachelor degree or above

Teaching music: Grade 8 or above qualified tutor of the Royal Academy of Music

Teaching swimming: with the Hong Kong Swimming Federation Bronze Medal or above

PS: The tutors mentioned above have more than two years of teaching experience
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