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How to download your App?
Search through Apple store or Google Play to download HKTA APP , you can also download through the download address:
What do I need to do after finishing the class?
You need to sign in on the HKTA APP and click dismiss class and wait for the client to confirm.
Why are administrative fees charged after the second month?
Because when clients pay by e-Banking , banks will charge administrative fees and handling fees. In addition,those clients who recharge through us are our quality clients and all cases which referrals to tutors have been evaluated by HKTA. If the tutor get high praise from clients, he will be promoted to a special teacher.As a result of that,the rate of receiving orders will automatically increase, and the hourly unit price of the case will be higher.
What is HKTA APP Wallet?
All fees can be transferred directly to the HKTA Wallet, tutors can cash out at any time,which is convenient and avoid the problem of client paying less or lack of change.
What should I do if I forget to click the class over button ?
The system will calculate according to the number of hours agreed at the beginning, if there is more or less calculation,you can press " case dispute" or call 2117 6789, professional education consultants will help you solve problems.
When will the withdrawal arrive?
After filling the present information on App, ensuring that the information is correct, the accountant will transfer to the designated account within 7-14 working days. If you have not received the withdraw after 14 working days, please contact HKTA.
Is the tuition fee settled every class or every month?
After completing the appointment courses and ensure the tutor sign in on the App , the fee will be automatically transferred to the tutor's wallet within 3 working days when client confirmed.
What is HKTA ?
The Hong Kong Tutors Association(WWW.HKTA.EDU. HK )is a local private tutoring agency that provides quality home tutoring services and also the only private tutoring agency website in Hong Kong that has obtained a domain name
Is the fee refund if the client feels inappropriate after class?
It depends on the amount of tuition. The minimum administrative fee is HKD$250. If the tuition fee exceeds HKD$250 and is less than HKD$500, HKTA will deduct the minimum administrative fee of HKD$250 and refund the rest to the tutor. Otherwise, if the tuition fee exceeds HKD$500, HKTA and the tutor will be half of each.
What will happen if tutor feel that he/she is not a good match with the clients students and do not want to continue?
It is not recommended that you do so, which will incur administrative costs and affect the tutor's evaluation.
Is there any subsidy for the fare if I have a long distance to class?
All tutors fee pricing have included transportation costs.
When can i get the client 's phone number?
Due to the Privacy Ordinance, we will not exchange phone numbers of both parties before the class. After the class, both parties can exchange their phone numbers voluntarily.
When can I have my clients' address?
After the pairing is successful, download the APP of HKTA, and you can view the details of the tutorial case (including the tutorial address, tutorial subjects, tutorial grade, class time, etc.)
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