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Tutorial fees About$145/hr
Tutor sex Female Tutor
Highest education Secondary 5 Graduated
Teach Subject All Subjects、English、Maths、English Phonics、English Oral
Tutor age 16-19
Tutoring experience No Tutoring Experience
Teacher area Wan Chai、Causeway Bay、Happy Valley、North Point、Kowloon Tong、Sha Tin Town Centre、Tai Po、Fanling、Mei Foo、Mong Kok
Introduction of tutor
本人就讀於聖保祿學校,校內亦以英語作為主要教授語言,因此擁有良好的語言基礎和能力。從小便修讀各種英語課程和參與各種的活動,因此熟悉英語教學方式。性格方面,本人持續參與義工活動,其中包括義教,對象亦大部分是小學生,熱愛和小朋友相處,可以耐心和他們相處亦尋找適合他們的學習模式並激發他們對學習的興趣。本人可以依照他們的學習進度提供練習並更改功課,課後亦可以問功課。 I am a Form 5 student studying in St. Paul’s Convent School from kindergarten to secondary school. The first language used by the school is basically English, therefore I have good English oral and writing skills. Throughout my childhood, I joined all sorts of English classes and activities speaking with foreigners, therefore I gained good understanding in how to learn English at a young age. By personality, I frequently take part in volunteering, which includes teaching primary students, I love to get along with children, and could be patient them. Furthermore, I will find a teaching method that suits them and stimulate their interest in learning. Exercises will also be provided according to their learning progress, homework will be checked. After lessons, if there’s any queries, questions could also be asked through social platforms.

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