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Tutorial fees About$290/hr
Tutor sex Female Tutor
Highest education University Graduated
Teach Subject English
Tutor age 26-30
Teacher area Central and Sheung Wan、Wan Chai、Causeway Bay、Happy Valley、Tsuen Wan、Lai King Station、Kwai Hing
Introduction of tutor
畢業於澳洲國立大學(The Australian National University) 道地英語教學,可全英文上課,半英語半廣東/國語(視乎需要) 使學生可以實際理解英文文法和生字的理解 目標為本,針對性教導文法,寫作,考試技能等,逆轉不理想的英文成績 為人細心和有耐性,課程特別適合補底學生,了解其學習困難,為每個學生設計獨有的學習方法,便學生們備試時更得心應手。曾獲學生及家長稱讚學生學習進度良好及有效改善成積。 I had experience in improving my students’ English results significantly by consolidating their grammatical knowledge and writing skills. My passion lies in teaching and assisting students to make progress and improve. Through my tutoring experience, I have also understood the importance of creating a stimulating environment for the students where they can be inspired and fulfil their potential.

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