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Received the honor of Caring Company for 10 consecutive years
The only wayshow all the way to the tutoring agency brand award
The only award for the most powerful brand of the economy
Hong Kong Star Brand 2012-2016
Person-to-Person Professional Phone Code Certification
HKTA HKTA– Won many honors, various awards Social Service Award
HKTA The Hong Kong Tutors Association has been providing high-quality tutoring intermediary matching services for all Hong Kong citizens
We are committed to leading private teaching intermediary platform services, improving service quality, promoting the level of teaching knowledge learning, advocating that studying is not about scoring, private teaching is easy to observe and understand students' weaknesses, and the association is more closely related to universities, educational institutions and students Contact, keep abreast of educational information and communicate regularly.
HKTA The volunteer team is more involved in multiple social welfare services
We work closely with universities in the community and business community. Many of these social welfare services have been repeatedly affirmed. We are awarded by the following organizations including:
- Hong Kong Children and Youth Services
- Hong Kong Council of Social Service
- Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk
- Hong Kong Trade Development Council
- Hong Kong Productivity Council
- British and Chinese Police Association, etc.
RoadShow All the Way Favorite Tutoring Agency Brand Award
As the largest tutoring agency in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Tutor Association won the RoadShow Favorite Tutoring Agency Brand Award, which represents the affirmation and encouragement of Hong Kong citizens for the service and matching education work of the association, and also marks HKTA's other It is an important milestone. With your support, we will continue to work hard to do a good job in private teaching matching. The RoadShow Favorite Brand Award held every year aims to commend organizations with high-quality brand image and outstanding brand promotion strategy. The public voted online and the professional judging panel of the conference was selected. The jury reviewed the candidate brands based on the three criteria of overall brand management planning, corporate social responsibility contribution and interaction level with customers. and ratings.
The founder of the association and senior media worker Fang Jianyi won the award together
The founder of the association and Mr. Chung King Fai, a senior artist
Award-winning organizations
The founder of the association and artist Xu Yankeng took a photo
Economy Weekly the most powerful tutoring agency brand
In 2015, the Hong Kong Tutors Association was selected as the most powerful among the top 10 tutoring agencies in Hong Kong by Economic Digest-Tutoring agencies
Successful brand creation, Hong Kong Tutor Association private tutoring agency
Hong Kong Star Brand 2012-2016
HKTAHKTAIt is pleased to announce that it has won the Hong Kong Star Brand Award - Small and Medium Enterprise Award issued by the Hong Kong Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises again, further affirming the Group's efforts and contributions in brand development.

HKTAFounder He ShijieMr. said: The association has always been committed to improving service quality and selecting instructors carefully. I am very happy to have won the Hong Kong Star Brand Award - Small and Medium Enterprise Award for five consecutive years, which is recognized by all sectors of society. The association has served Hong Kong for 20 years. We have been looking for tutors for parents/students for free. The number of tutors has exceeded 150,000, and the number of tutors has exceeded 90,000 as of May 2016. We are based on the concept of professional matching, your private tutoring expert for parents/students /Tutor provides a high-quality one-to-one education matching professional platform, and sets up its own development system to protect the interests of users. We hope that every parent will feel our star professional services.
Hong Kong Star Brand Awards 2015 is organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises, co-organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the Hong Kong Productivity Council. The rigorous review process screens out the best brands in business development, product and service quality, and fulfillment of social responsibilities. A star brand with outstanding performance in all aspects. The award ceremony and dinner will be held on November 10, 2015 at the InterContinental Hotel in Hong Kong, and will be presented by Mr. So Kam Leung, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, and reported by AM730, Wen Wei Po and other media
Person-to-Person Professional Phone Code Certification
Since 2012, the association has been awarded the Interpersonal Professional Telephone Code certification, which is a highly recognized certificate in the Hong Kong telecommunications industry, including major banks and telecommunications companies voluntarily participating in the certification, and it is also audited by HKQAA.
The Association was awarded the Interpersonal Professional Telephone Code certification by the Hong Kong Customer Service Center
DBC Digital Radio Interview
Search of sexual crimes, how to regulate private tutoring institutions, interview founder Mr. He Shijie
Experience and focus are our greatest confidence
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