Hong Kong Tutor Association – won many awards, various awards, social service awards


Hong Kong Tutor Association has been providing high-quality tutoring intermediary matching services for all Hong Kong citizens

We are committed to leading private teaching intermediary platform services, improving service quality, promoting the level of teaching knowledge learning, advocating that studying is not about scoring, private teaching is easy to observe and understand students' weaknesses, and the association is more closely related to universities, educational institutions and students Contact, keep abreast of educational information and communicate regularly.

The HKTA volunteer team also participates in various social welfare services

We work closely with universities in the community and business community. Many of these social welfare services have been repeatedly affirmed. We are awarded by the following organizations including:

Hong Kong Children and Youth Services

Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Hong Kong Productivity Council

British and Chinese Police Association, etc.

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