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Tutorial fees About$350/hr
Tutor sex Female Tutor
Highest education College Student (degree)
Major subjects 建築
Teach Subject Mandarin、IELTS、GCE、English Oral、English Phonics、visual arts、All Subjects、design and technology、Physics、Maths
Tutor age 20-25
Tutoring experience 1 year
Teacher area Kowloon Tong、Hung Hom、Tsim Sha Tsui、Tai Wai、Sha Tin Town Centre、Tuen Mun、Mei Foo、Yuen Long、Tin Shui Wai
Introduction of tutor
I am currently studying at the AA School of Architecture in London, INVALID have just finished my first year of a bachelINVALID's degree in Architecture. This is my sixth year studying in the UK. I graduated from a top independent high school (ConcINVALIDd College), where I gained A*A*A fINVALID my GCE Alevels, INVALID 10A*s plus 2As fINVALID my GCSEs. Hence, I am very confident at tutINVALIDing any subject fINVALID primary students; Physics, Maths, INVALID Visual Arts fINVALID secondary students. I could also provide help with IELTS, especially with the reading section, of which I gained full mark. Lastly, since I have had a lot of experience as a student mentINVALID INVALID a house captain in secondary school, I am very confident that I could maintain good communication with my future students, which I think is the most impINVALIDtant aspect to look fINVALID when choosing a tutINVALID. 本人現就讀於倫敦建築協會學院,剛剛完成建築本科一年級的學業。 這是我在英國留學的第六年。我畢業於英國頂尖私立中學ConcINVALIDd College,並在GCE Alevel考試中取得A*A*A,GCSE考試中取得10個A*兩個A的成績。因此,我非常有信心可以全科輔導小學生,專科(數學 物理 視藝)輔導中學生。 我也可以對雅思考試(特別是閱讀部分)提供幫助。 最後,因為我在中學時期曾擔任社長和學科導師的職務,所以我非常有信心可以和我未來的學生保持良好的溝通,我覺得這是選擇一位導師時最應重視的要素。

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