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Tutor Score No score yet
Tutorial fees About$100/hr
Tutor sex Female Tutor
Highest education Secondary 5 Graduated
Teach Subject All Subjects、Mandarin、English Oral、preschool english、preschool chinese、preschool maths、social studies、Rope Skipping、Piano、Music Theory
Tutor age 16-19
Tutoring experience 2 years
Teacher area Tai Wai、Sha Tin Town Centre、Siu Lik Yuen、Ma On Shan
Introduction of tutor
Hello, my name is Tiffany . I like a lot of subjects at school, such as: biology and music but I love visual art most because I really enjoy drawing, doing craft and design. My teacher said I’m hardworking. I have a lot of hobbies like Sports and music. I have learnt a lot of musical instruments before. Such as piano, drums and guitar. And I am also good at skipping, Athletics, dancing and my favourite dance is ballet. I have learned it for 12 years. On Sunday I like to go to church . I am a Christian. I like teaching the children and I hope I can let them enjoy the learning. I want to be a ballet teacher when I grow up because I like ballet very much so I want to teach it to other people. This is the end of my selfintroduction. Thank you so much.

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