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Causeway Bay Newsletter + School Overview

Causeway Bay is located to the west of the north shore of the center of Hong Kong Island. It is one of Hong Kong’s major shopping malls, Japanese-owned department stores and hotels. It is also one of the most popular leisure places. There are more than 13,000 famous teachers in the area. They are all very dedicated and dedicated to teaching. For educating people, there is often a large demand in the Causeway Bay tutoring area. In terms of schools, there are St. Paul School, Luchen Chinese Language School and Hennessy Road Government Primary School along the way in Causeway Bay, which has a shopping paradise.

St. Paul's School

The school was founded in 1854. It is a girls' school that aims to provide girls with seamless bilingual education in a pleasant and active learning environment, so that they will learn to embrace the truth, beauty, kindness, nobility and honor of Polynia Tradition.

Lu Chen Chinese Language School

The school was founded in 2002. It is a Causeway Bay tutoring that provides quality education in Chinese and a language with an international perspective. It adopts "self-respect and self-love, self-reliance and self-reliance" as the school motto, and has a unique teaching method that is loved by students' parents.

Hennessy Road Government Primary School

Hennessy Road Government Primary School, formerly known as Hennessy Road Government PM Primary School. It is a Hong Kong elementary school, referred to as "Xuanguan", "Xuanxia" or "Xuantong". Its old site has three entrances and exits. The exterior walls are made of red bricks. The front and side entrances are located on Thomson Road, and the back door is located on Hennessy Road. The environment is beautiful and has a retro breath. Established in September 1949, it is a school that moves towards high-quality management and provides excellent education. It is committed to let students lead a healthy, happy and effective school life.

The school here leaves a clean, comfortable and clean environment. The teachers here sow and cultivate in obscurity. The school here has the joy of harvesting. The campus here is the cradle of student learning, and students get healthy here. I feel extremely happy and proud of my growth. If you need Causeway Bay tuition service, please search on our platform.

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