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North Point Newsletter + School Overview

North Point is located in the eastern part of Hong Kong Island. It is the northernmost point of Hong Kong Island and one of the earliest developed areas in Hong Kong. It is an extension of the hometown of southern Fujian. People walking in the North Point can easily find that the exterior walls of old buildings are covered with traditional habitats to protect their hometown. Schools have also changed with the change of the times, the development of science and technology, such as Qiji School, Fujian Middle School, Zunli School (North Point) and so on.

Qiji School

The school was founded in 1967. Its teaching is mainly based on Chinese, so that students can get a good education, clear the way, promote holistic education, and enable students to develop in friendship, knowledge and achievement.

Fujian Middle School

Fujian School is a co-educational secondary school with a long history. It was established in 1951. It has a simple school spirit, advocates "people-oriented" education, actively creates high-quality education, improves selection and training, and cultivates the quality and ability of students.

The above is an overview of some schools in North Point. I also believe that everyone has a certain understanding of some schools. I also hope that children can integrate into school more quickly, establish their own good foundation, and step into the palace of success. If you need North Point tuition service, our center has a large number of North Point tuition teachers to choose from.

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