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Primary Three Tuition: Let children find learning fun

The biggest learning difficulty for a lot of primary three tutoring children is Chinese, because most of the children are very lively and can't sit still and can hardly concentrate. If there is no certain teaching method for endorsement and literacy, it is quite boring, and it is difficult for children to find the fun and learn. Therefore, it is necessary to train students to do more practice in the primary three remedial classes to avoid carelessness in the real exam. In the reading comprehension part, you can teach your children to circle out new words when they are reading. Don't skip them. You need to slowly accumulate and constantly understand them. This will be of great help to future exams and use the new words flexibly.

Primary three tuition budget

If you are a dual-time parent, and you don't have much time to accompany your child to read and recognize characters, you can also consider asking a junior tutor to accompany your child to recognize characters, read books, and lay a good foundation in Chinese. When choosing a Chinese private teacher, everyone has to make a comparison. If you need to ask a university-level teacher for primary school tutoring, the market price is about $90-$120; the market price of a university graduate is usually a bit more expensive. It is about $110-$140; the market price of full-time private tutoring teachers is about $100-$400; the market price of in-service teachers is maintained at about $200-$500.

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