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Tutorial fees About$225/hr
Tutor sex Male Tutor
Highest education University Graduated
Teach Subject English
Tutor age 31-35
Teacher area Kowloon Tong、Tsim Sha Tsui、Tsuen Wan、Tsing Yi、Tuen Mun、Sham Tseng、Mei Foo
Introduction of tutor
After graduating from Macquarie University in Sydney, Ive been working as a tutor teaching students English for some time. Ive achieved 8.0 overall in the IELTS test, which qualifies me as a teacher who is literate in this language. 本人於澳洲生活多年,口音為American accent。IELTS 8分。現為全職英文導師。 另外本人亦具備普通話水平測試3A程度,可以應對需以普通話授課的學生。 有耐性,幫助學生提升不同環節。會提供whatsapp課後發問。 收費 ($250-$300/hr)

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