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Tutor sex Female Tutor
Highest education Master Degree
Univesity attended The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Major subjects 二胡、高胡、板胡
Teach Subject Erhu
Tutor age 31-35
Tutoring experience 5 or More Years
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黃曉晴,畢業於香港演藝學院音樂碩士課程(2019),主修二胡及高胡,學士時期主修二胡及板胡。多年來致力於策劃獨奏演出、參與樂隊演奏、帶領排練、錄音、音樂研究和寫作,以及大量觀摩及旁聽各種大師班和音樂會,在演奏專業方面已有多年積累,現希望為本港中小學生、家長、教職員及所有年齡人士提供專業二胡樂器班及個人樂器課,啓發大家對音樂的喜愛,以及普及大眾對中國音樂文化的認知。 Wong Hiu Ching, Eva, a Music Master majoring in Erhu and Gaohu (The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, 2019), and I also completed the Bachelor of Music studies majoring in erhu and banhu in 2016. In the past 10 years, not only keep performing as a soloist, participating in Chinese Orchestras, leading rehearsals, recording, doing researches on music, writing, I also attend concerts and masterclass extensively, working towards my dream of being a professional artist and musician. Now, I would like to share my knowledge and experience to our next generation, their parents and everyone who are interested in Chinese music, to nurture their love of music and to popularize the tradition and culture of Chinese music.   B. 資歷 Qualifications 香港演藝學院 The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, HKAPA 音樂碩士 雙主修二胡及高胡,2019 Master of Music, Double major in Erhu and Gaohu, 2019   音樂學士 雙主修二胡及板胡,2016 Bachelor of Music, Double major in Erhu and Banhu, 2016     香港知專設計學院 Hong Kong Design Institute 高級文憑 主修數碼音樂及媒體,2012 Higher Diploma in Digital Music and Media, 2012     香港學校音樂節 Hong Kong Schools Music Festival 獲二胡、板胡、高胡所有組別的冠軍,2117 6789 Winner of all classes of competitions in Erhu, Banhu and Gaohu, 2117 6789       C. 較重要的藝術、工作經驗 Major Artistic and Work Experience - 香港演藝學院中樂系廣東音樂課助教(2018-19) Teaching Assistant of the Guangdong music ensemble class of the HKAPA(2018-19)   - 香江粵樂社編輯委員會成員,綵訪業界名家及撰文(2017至今) Member of the editorial board of the Hong Kong Cantonese Music Society(Since 2017)   - 香港中樂團指揮大師班旁聽生(2016, 17, 19) Auditor of the conducting masterclass organized by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (2016, 17, 19)   - 香港音樂事統處胡琴特約演奏員(2016至今) Freelance Huqin Musician of the Music Office (From 2016)   - 竹韻小集胡琴特約樂師(2015至今) Freelance Huqin Musician of the Windpipe Ensemble (From 2016)   - 曾參與的樂團演出: 香港中樂團、竹韻小集、香港演藝學院中樂團、 宏光國樂團、香港愛樂民樂團、樂樂國樂團 Have been performed with the following Chinese Orchestras: Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO), The Windpipe Ensemble, HKAPA Chinese Orchestra, Wang Kwong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Music Lover Chinese Orchestra, Yao Yueh Chinese Music Association - 部分較具代表性的獨奏會、音樂會Major performances and concerts ◆ 樂.融.榮 專業人才培訓計劃《粵調.秦韻.東北腔》- 黃曉晴胡琴演奏會 (香港中樂團主辦,2019) “Music from Canton, Qin and the Northeastern part of China” Huqin Recital by Wong Hiu Ching, Eva (Organized by the HKCO)   ◆ 黃曉晴碩士畢業音樂會 二胡及高胡 (香港演藝學院主辦,2019) Master of Music Graduation Recital, Erhu and Gaohu: Wong Hiu Ching, Eva (Organized by the HKAPA, 2019)   ◆ 「西方與中國音樂特點及審美的結合:以二胡與鋼琴版《梁祝》為例」講座音樂會 (香港演藝學院主辦,2019) Lecture Recital on the “The combination of characteristics and aesthetics of western and Chinese music, using Erhu Concerto Butterfly Lovers(Piano accompaniment version) as an example” (Organized by the HKAPA, 2019)   ◆ 「表演藝術教育創新 ( 國際 ) 研討會」中探討近代二胡形制改革發展並作小型獨奏會演出(香港演藝學院主辦,2017) Held a talk “The Story of Erhu-Let me tell you something about HKCO’s Eco-Erhu and Shaoqin” (with a paper Python-skin-Membrane Erhu(PSME) and Artificial-Membrane Erhu(AME) - A Brief introduction to the innovation of Erhu from the 20th century, and discuss the future of the evolution of Erhu’s design, with HKCOs Eco-Erhu and Shaoqin as an example submitted) and a recital related to this research in the Innovation in Performing Arts Education Symposium (Organized by the HKAPA, 2017) ◆ 代表香港演藝學院隨垂誼樂社赴芬蘭作獨奏及合奏演出(垂誼樂社主辦,2017) Invited by the Musicus Society, performed as one of the four representatives of the HKAPA Chinese Music Ensemble in Finland (Organized the Musicus Society, 2017)   ◆ 黃曉晴學士畢業音樂會 - 二胡及板胡 (香港演藝學院主辦,2016) Bachelor of Music Graduation Recital, Erhu and Banhu: Wong Hiu Ching, Eva (Organized by the HKAPA, 2016)   - 擅長帶領各種小組及伴奏排練、獨奏演出 Extensive experience in leading rehearsals of ensemble, accompaniment and solo performances.

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