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Tutor Score No score yet
Tutorial fees About$325/hr
Tutor sex Male Tutor
Highest education Master Degree
Univesity attended The University of Hong Kong
Major subjects M2, BAFS
Teach Subject Maths、Maths (M1)、Maths (M2)、Pure Maths、Applied Maths、Additional Maths、Maths and Statistics、Mathematical Olympiad、Selin Maths
Tutor age 20-25
Tutoring experience 1 year
Teacher area Central and Sheung Wan、Wan Chai、North Point、Tsuen Wan、Shau Kei Wan、Sai Wan Ho、Chai Wan、Siu Sai Wan、Quarry Bay、Tai Koo
Introduction of tutor
I'm a 23 years old student, graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, majoring in Financial Mathematics & Statistics. I have a high interest in dealing with Mathematics, Music, and Programming. Due to my high interest in Mathematics, I have pursued studying at Harvard University, Boston University, the University of Hong Kong, and the National University of Singapore, as a parttime and exchange student. With my previous experience in teaching Kumon students, I have also trained my patience and teaching skills with students.

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