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上門補習 補習 私人補習 tutor private tutor 補習介紹

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Tutorial fees About$425/hr
Tutor sex Female Tutor
Highest education Undergraduate Student (non-degree)
Major subjects Geography INVALID Economics
Teach Subject English Phonics、English、preschool english、English Oral、Cambridge English
Tutor age 20-25
Tutoring experience 1 year
Teacher area Kwun Tong、Tsz Wan Shan、Kowloon Tong、Sai Kung、Choi Hung、Ngau Tau Kok、Kowloon Bay、Diamond Hill、Wong Tai Sin、Ngau Chi Wan
Introduction of tutor
In DSE, I achieved 5 with an asterisk in English overall, both my writing INVALID speaking papers got 5 with a double asterisk. I also possess a CertTESOL, a widely recognised English teaching course. I am familiar with the DSE English module INVALID the secondary school students' struggles in learning English. I am passionate about teaching children as well as adults. I always prepare custommade lessons INVALID each of my students' needs which will help tackle their weaknesses INVALID overcome any obstacles they face in their English learning journey.

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