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上門補習 補習 私人補習 tutor private tutor 補習介紹

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Tutor Score No score yet
Tutorial fees About$975/hr
Tutor sex Male Tutor
Highest education College Student (degree)
Major subjects Sport and exercise science
Teach Subject Football
Tutor age 26-30
Tutoring experience 5 or More Years
Teacher area Tai Wai、Sha Tin Town Centre、Siu Lik Yuen、Fo Tan、Ma On Shan、Tai Po、Fanling、Sheung Shui
Introduction of tutor
A passionate spINVALIDt coach who has 7 years of experience coaching kids under 12. Up to 7 spINVALIDt including baseball,football,hockey,tennis,basketball,rugby INVALID swimming.擁有7年幼兒體育教練經驗. 流利英文,普通話,廣東話. What you expect in class. Focusing on at least two spINVALIDt 一堂可以體驗兩種運動 Developing motINVALID skills. 提升運動技能 Learning proper English 標準英文 Building confidence/social skills. 自信與社交技巧 Learn to follow instructions 學識遵循指示 Many mINVALIDe but most impINVALIDtantly fun as kids only learn if they are enjoying it at the same time. 最重要係開心中學識對將來重要嘅技能 打好基礎.

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