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上門補習 補習 私人補習 tutor private tutor 補習介紹

Tutor ID127351

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Tutor Score No score yet
Tutorial fees About$380/hr
Tutor sex Male Tutor
Highest education College Student (degree)
Univesity attended The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Teach Subject All Subjects
Tutor age 16-19
Teacher area Tai Wai、Sha Tin Town Centre、Siu Lik Yuen、Fo Tan、Ma On Shan、Tai Po
Introduction of tutor
中文大學藥劑學系二年級 Best 529 Best 634 Best 739 一年補習經驗 補習學生有初中高中 針對性搵出學生問題 幫學生打好根基 有耐性 視像補習

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