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上門補習 補習 私人補習 tutor private tutor 補習介紹

Tutor ID127554


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Tutorial fees About$175/hr
Tutor sex Female Tutor
Highest education College Student (degree)
Univesity attended City University of Hong Kong
Major subjects 經濟,生物
Teach Subject Piano、All Subjects
Tutor age 16-19
Tutoring experience 1 year
Teacher area North Point、Kowloon Tong、Kowloon City、Hung Hom、Shau Kei Wan、Sai Wan Ho、Chai Wan、Siu Sai Wan、Tai Koo
Introduction of tutor
Motivated student who demonstrates work ethic and creative ability. Passionate in helping others. Will leverage knowledge and experience to teach students. 細心有耐性,喜歡與小朋友相處。

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