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36-40 years old
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Native English fulltime tutor born and raised in Canada with over 5 years of experience in teaching young children, teenagers and professionals. TEFL certified and specialized in building a strong English foundation with the fastest phonics reading program. Expert in strengthening poor English foundations with formulated grammar methods for primary & secondary students preparing for their DSE. I patiently help students become interested in English so they will speak more and build their confidence while giving students insight into western culture. Currently I teach 1 on 1 & group classes for phonics, DSE, IELTS and accent correction classes. My students range from International, band 1-2-3 schools and professionals. 加拿大土生土長外籍導師. 擁有TEFL 證書及五年教學經驗,學生包括幼稚園、中小學及專業人士。課程主要幫助學生打好英文根基,簡化grammar concepts讓學生容易吸收。教學理念的關鍵在於以耐性令學生對英文產生興趣,鼓勵他們多講英文、建立自信。現時主要教授k2以上小朋友, band 1 DSE本地學校以及國際學校學生。
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Central and Sheung Wan、Sai Wan、Kowloon Tong、Yau Ma Tei、Tsim Sha Tsui、Tsuen Wan、Lai Chi Kok、Mei Foo、Tai Koo、Mong Kok
Primary 1-year 13
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