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Tutorial fees About$600/hr
Tutor sex Male Tutor
Highest education Master Degree
Major subjects Physics /Maths
Teach Subject preschool maths、Pure Maths
Tutor age 26-30
Tutoring experience 3 years
Teacher area Mid-levels、Pok Fu Lam、Wan Chai、Aberdeen、Sham Shui Po、Tseung Kwan O、Lam Tin、Kowloon Bay、Diamond Hill
Introduction of tutor
Muhammad Shehzad Khan Phone/WhatsApp: 21176789 Mr.MDisaPh.D.studentintheDepartmentofPhysics,CityUniversityofHongKong.IhavereceivedhismyMphildegreefromtheUniversityofScienceandTechnologyofChinaandmasterfromKohatUniversityofScienceandTechnology(KUST).MyfocusduringPhdisclinicalresearchandoperations,healthcaremanagement,CFDmethods,andnuclearreactorsystems.Ihavepublished10journalpapers,isknowledgeableinGeneralphysics,Experimentalphysics,Biophysics,Mathematicsstructuralandfunctionalneuroimaging.Ihaveteachingexperiencetoteachatcollegephysicsandmathsfor4-5 years. I like to teach all of the ways like Physical interaction, experimentation, Model representation, Gestures . I have teaching experience of middle school, secondary school, A level and O level physics and Mathematics.

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