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Hong Kong Baptist University
20-25 years old
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Possessing more than 11yearsofexperienceplayingGuzheng,Ihavestudiedprofessionalknowledgecomprehensivelyandsystematically,andhaveacertainprofessionallevelandqualityinbothperformanceandmusictheory.IhaveCertificateofAccomplishmentoftheCentralConservatoryofMusicinGrade10andCertificateofAccomplishmentoftheCentralConservatoryofMusicpassedinGRADE2TheoryExaminationofChineseMusic. Inadditiontomymusicalabilities,Ihavealsoworkedfornearly2 years at IBEL tuition, where I assisted students in completing their homework and preparing for exams, predominantly using English. Through this experience, I have honed my skills in teaching students of different ages and backgrounds, while cultivating my ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. Apart from that, I am actively involved in various activities modest and cautious, showing alternative leadership and organizational skills, the ability to work closely with others, and good environmental adaptability. I hope I can imparting my experiences to the students.
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Lok Fu、Kowloon Tong、Yau Ma Tei、Jordan、Tsim Sha Tsui、Tai Wai、Sha Tin Town Centre、Siu Lik Yuen、Ma On Shan、Mong Kok
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Hong Kong Baptist University
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