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20-25 years old
Yuen Long Public Secondary School | DSE
20-25 years old
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Hello, I am Ivan. I graduated from DSE in 2018 and pursued my study at a UK university for several years. Currently, I work as a after-school nursery tutor, with a plan to return to my study on campus in September. I have a cautious and patient nature, and I genuinely enjoy interacting with children. Engaging in simple crafts like origami, simple drawing, or clay modeling is one of my hobbies, and I believe children would enjoy them too. These activities also allow me to establish a positive rapport with my students. In my teaching approach, I strongly advocate the principle of 'no scolding, no punishing.' Instead, I encourage my students to share their thoughts on their homework and initiate discussions. I believe in fostering an environment where they feel comfortable expressing themselves and discovering their own solutions."
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Tuen Mun、Yuen Long、Tin Shui Wai
Primary 1-Primary 6
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Tutor Num 148443
Yuen Long Public Secondary School | DSE
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