Tutor Num 148610
16-19 years old
The University of Hong Kong | Ict and business
16-19 years old
Tutoring Exp
10 years
Tutor Features
Have patience
Provide practice questions/test questions
Guide homework
Interactive teaching
Problem solving ideas
Test strategy
Long-term tutoring
Tutoring overview
Tutor Qualifications
Online courses
Parent comments
[Basic situation] e.g. I am a 23-year DSE graduate, studying in XXXX College, all taught in English, I am relatively patient, I have a unique way of thinking about problem understanding and problem solving, and I can share related skills with students [Personal achievements] e.g. I have excellent grades in school, 4 points in DSE mathematics, and 3 points in others; [Teaching/tutoring experience] e.g. I have no tutoring experience, and I have daily guidance for my younger sister in middle school 4 homework, and exchanged studies with classmates at school; 【Personal advantage】 e.g. can provide the notes written by myselfd
Tutoring form
Home tutoring
Tutoring area
Sham Shui Po
Form 4-Form 6
Citizenship and Social Development
Information and Communication Technology(ICT)
Maths (M1)
Maths (M2)
Design and Applied Technology
Main language
Tutor experience
Used To Be a Tutor at School,Worked In a Hosting Center,Worked In a Tutorial School,兼職補習導師,我是現職老師,全職補習導師
Academic qualifications
Secondary 5 Graduated
Parent comments
No data
Tuition fee
Tutor Num 148610
The University of Hong Kong | Ict and business
Tuition fee
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