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What should I pay attention to when learning English online?

English is one of the core subjects of the Hong Kong Examination, we cannot ignore it. Complementary English includes vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, listening, conversation, and reading. In addition to being able to write and read, you must also understand and speak. And what should I pay attention to when learning English online?

Number of online English tutoring

Online English tutoring is best to choose one-on-one teaching. English teachers can prescribe the right medicine for students' English weaknesses, especially conversation. If there are too many people, it may cause uneven teacher allocation.

Get ready before you start

In fact, even if you have online lessons at home, you have the same requirements for location. It is best to conduct online English tuition in a relatively compact space without much external interference. For example, it is best if children have their own room or a special study room. In addition, commonly used stationery, such as originally used textbooks, notebooks, etc., should be placed in advance in a place that is convenient for you. The most important sentence is "You can get it with your hands, with a sense of ritual"

Learning English online tutor experience

Many people think that the mother tongue of foreign teachers is English, and it must be good to find foreign teachers. However, knowing English and knowing English are two completely different concepts. Therefore, when looking for an English tutor, the most important thing is to have teaching experience. This is the most helpful for your own learning. In fact, the most important thing about language is life practice. If you want to fundamentally improve your English level, in addition to learning English online, you can continue to learn and accumulate in daily life communication, so that English becomes a part of your life, maybe There are unexpected gains, this kind of English learning may not be a kind of pressure for you but a kind of fun. If you also want to improve your English ability in a targeted manner, the editor suggests that you can also find a private tutor who specializes in English supplementation for online learning. Little tricks.

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